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Ali Baba Grill - Lebonese and Persian
Anthony's Pizza & Pasta
Blue Canyon Bar & Grill - casual fare
Bono's Italian Restaurant
Briarwood Inn - continental
Cody Inn Restaurant Restaurant
El Dorado Mexican Restaurant
El Señor Sol - Mexican
El Tapatio Mexican Restaurant
Empanada Express - Venezuelan
Grappa Bistro - mediterranean
Halu Sushi
Hop's Restaurant & Brewery - brewpub
In the Zone Sports Bar - casual fare
Lonestar Steakhouse - casual
Macaroni Grill

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Kids Willing to Work

Some kids can't wait to work. They see their parents working and are eager to earn their own money. Once your child is ready there are plenty of opportunities for her to make some extra money. With your help they can find the perfect job to learn about responsibility, money management, and working for others.

Does your child enjoy pets? How about a dog walking job? Do you own your own business? Why not hire your child to help you with paperwork? More ideas of jobs for kids will help you get started. Work with your child to find the right job that will fit their interests. Encourage then to try out different jobs, as they may change her mind or want to try something new periodically.

If your child likes to be outdoors and regularly mows your lawn; this could be a good job to explore. Lawn mowing jobs could be one time while the homeowner is on vacation or for a whole summer if they find someone who can't or doesn't like to mow their own lawn.
Mitchell's Snowin and Mowing
Lakewood, CO 80214
Expensive Start Up Costs: If your child needs to purchase a lawn mower, it could be an expensive job to start. You could let them use your mower to get started or help them purchase one second-hand.

Safety: Please make sure that your child understands how to operate a lawn mower with caution. Anytime a child operates machinery, there is the possibility of injury. Create a plan with your child in case he has an emergency.

Limited Ages: Lawn mowing will only be appropriate for older children who can operate a lawn mower safely. Younger children may want to consider raking instead.

Competition: Depending on how many friends your child has, there could be stiff competition for lawn mowing jobs if they are all interested in the same job. Encourage your child to get creative to land repeat jobs.

Weather: Rain can cause a problem for a lawn mowing business; so can drought. Help your child create a back up plan for getting his lawn mowing jobs done when there is inclement weather.

What Kids Learn About Money:
Advertising: Your child can start by telling friends and neighbors about his new business. In addition, he may want to check with elderly people who may have trouble mowing their own lawn.

Fluctuating Operating Costs: The changes in the price of gas each week will impact the profits for your child. He will learn that he makes more when gas is cheaper and may even watch the prices of gas over time.